Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Halal mean?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permissible. When referring to food and Islamic dietary laws, halal means the source of the food is pure and came from permissible sources. If the item came from or has any traces of pork, alcohol, blood, etc., it is considered haram or unlawful/prohibited.

2. What makes Salaam Nutritionals, LLC products halal?

All of our products at Salaam Nutritionals have been certified halal through a top Islamic accrediting agency, IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America). A certificate was granted upon careful inspection of product preparation, procedures, ingredient list, and proper packaging. We do not use any pork (or it’s by-products), alcohol, or gelatin in any of our products. The halal certificate guarantees our products and procedures align with proper Islamic guidelines, Alhamdulillah

3. Is gelatin halal?

Gelatin can be halal if derived from permissible sources. Most gelatin is derived from animal sources, usually from a pig. This type of gelatin would be haram or unlawful/prohibited. Always look to see if the gelatin has been halal certified to ensure you’re consuming a product within Islamic guidelines.

4. Do you use any gelatin in your gummies?

No, we wanted to avoid gelatin altogether so all of our gummy based products are made from pectin. Pectin is derived from plants and is used as a gelling agent to obtain that soft chewy texture that gummies are known for.

5. Are your products just for kids?

No, all of our products can be consumed by a child or an adult. Be sure to read the directions for each product so you are taking the recommended serving size.

6. Are your products made in the USA?

Yes, we are happy to announce that none of our products are imported, and we proudly make our entire line of products locally in the United States.

7. Do you donate some of your proceeds to charity?

Alhamdulliah, we plan on giving back to our community on a local and international level. On a quarterly basis we will give back to a charity or community in need to help end poverty, starvation, and provide basic necessities. We hope to make a difference to those who seem to be forgotten and be part of the movement that provides resources to the most impoverished corners in the world.

8. Will you be coming out with more products?

Yes! Stay tuned.

9. How can I sell your products in my store?

We would love to be part of your business and are honored you would choose us. If you are a wholesaler or a store owner please contact us via email or phone so we can discuss further.

10. Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free to residents of USA. A flat rate of $5.99 [USD] will be charged to all orders sent to Canada.

11. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! But please be aware of the following for all orders shipped to addresses outside of the United States:

1. It is your responsibility to pay all tariffs, duties, taxes and fees upon receiving your order.
2. If you refuse to accept any orders upon delivery you will be subject to any and all return handling fees.

12. Do you accept returns?

We will happily accept any returns within 7 days provided that the package is in it’s original condition and not tampered with. Send us an email stating you would like a return and pay return shipping and handling.