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Salaam Nutritionals was born out of the necessity to address the growing frustrations from parents whose children were not getting adequate nutrition, were unable to swallow big chalky pills, or suffered from food allergies or dietary restrictions. Our line of halal, kosher, vegetarian (and some vegan!) gummy supplements delivers the most complete nutrition to nourish both adults and a child’s growing mind and body in a delicious, fuss free, fun to eat gummy.

Sourced from the goodness of nature.

Our multivitamins are made with love using only all natural handpicked ingredients that are carefully sourced. We never touch artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors because we know that is not what your body wants or needs. Enhanced with cane sugar, turmeric, coconut oil, and a natural fruit blend, our gummies are a wholesome alternative to the sugary, synthetic substitutes that crowd the vitamin market.

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Allergen friendly, junk-free nutrition.

You won’t find common allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, and gelatin, anywhere near our halal, kosher, and vegetarian products.

Only the very best for your family.

Each nutrient incorporated into our formula is chosen for its scientifically-backed potency, and we create synergistic relationships that maximize absorption to ensure you’re getting the most from every gummy. Developed, operated, and owned by pharmacists, we ensure only the highest quality, most optimal blends bear the trusted Salaam Nutritionals name.


Creating healthy communities all over the world.

One of our core values is eradicating malnutrition and preventing mortality in young children, especially under five, through the distribution of our vitamins and meal donations. To date, we have distributed our vitamins and meals to families in California, Afghanistan, Greece, Pakistan, Turkey, and Rwanda.

Your purchase provides the life saving nutrition these families need while you provide your family with a great clean all natural vitamin; it’s a win win.

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